5 Superfoods and How to Incorporate Them in Your Diet

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Superfoods are those that are nutrient dense and are high in antioxidants, which if consumed regularly will give a rainbow of nutrients to thrive and maintain a healthy body. The following are my top 5 superfoods that you may or may not have heard of before. Adding each one to your diet will provide incredible benefits!

1. Spirulina

This blue-green algae has been around for millions of years and it has just as many benefits! Spirulina is packed with many nutrients and antioxidants, such as protein, Vitamin A, C + E, B vitamins, selenium, zinc, iron and chromium. Taking a teaspoon of this powder can help defend against cancer, lower blood pressure and is extremely detoxing. It is very easy to add spirulina to the diet a few times a week to smoothies, energy bites and salad dressings! If you do not prefer the taste there are supplements available at your local health food store.

2. Raw Cacao

We have all heard that chocolate can be good for us. Well, it’s the cold-pressed, unroasted cocoa bean that has all the benefits! Cacao contains many micronutrients including magnesium, iron, sulfur, calcium and zinc. The benefits to consuming raw cacao are endless – aids in building strong bones, hair and nails, regulates heartbeat and blood pressure, and can reduce PMS symptoms. Its not hard to add chocolate in to the diet but raw cacao can be bitter. Whenever I bake with cacao I like to add a natural sweetener such as honey or maple syrup, throw in a smoothie, or pair with animal protein (such as cacao crusted filet mignon).

3. Coconut oil

The first thing you should know about coconut oil is it contains medium chain triglycerides – a fatty acid that is broken down and used most effectively in the body. Coconut oil contain antibacterial properties as well as antioxidants making them a guaranteed beauty superfood. This oil is used to brighten teeth and skin tone, strengthening and putting a luster in hair and lips. The best way to use coconut oil is to cook with it. Instead of heating olive or vegetable oils, use coconut as it is more resistant to heat and provides so many more benefits. As well you can pop it into a smoothie!

4. Bone Broth

The best of the best! And so easy to make. Bone broth (or stock to most people) is the process of boiling poultry, beef or fish bones until the break down. In a large pot add chopped carrots, onion, celery and additional herbs and spices. Boil for 24 hours, strain and enjoy! This broth is so healing to the body as it contains vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatory properties and collagen! Depending on the variety of additional herbs and spices bone broth will vary in nutrients but will always contain the essentials as a superfood.

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5. Goji Berries

Calorically low, high in fibre and filled with antioxidants, goji berries are the last to make my superfoods list. Bursting with protein, vitamin, minerals and antioxidants goji berries boost the immune system and energy levels, helps with sleep, and can reduce fatigue and stress. Gt goji berries into your diet by topping your oatmeal, yogurt or smoothie and making goji berry tea – ¼ cup berries in 16 oz water overnight and enjoy!This post was inspired by Dr. Josh Axe and written by Kelly