Holiday Eating Tips

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Five Tips for Avoiding the Dreaded Holiday Bloat

It seems these days a “happy” holiday doesn’t apply to our waistlines. With an endless parade of food-centered events it can be hard to avoid feeling like that stuffed ham you just ate. Here are some tips to help you stay on track this holiday season!

1. Back away from those appetizers Schmoozing is a necessary part of the holidays, but research shows that we can eat up to 50% more of a food if it’s in our line of vision. So go ahead and grab a small plate of food (preferably heavy on the veggies) and then get the heck away from that table!

2. Give someone (and yourself) the gift of movement This year try and make your presents for others something activity-based. Not only will you create great memories, but you’ll increase your activity level too. Is there a new fitness craze your sis has always wanted to try? Get your hands on a trial membership and sweat it out together.

3. Perform compressed versions of your healthy habits No time for your regular hour and a half sweat session? Do what you can! Still try and set aside some time for your regular healthy habits, maybe only working out for 15 minutes instead. Are you a fan of meal prep? If you don’t have time for your usual prep, try and prepare a few healthy snack options in advance of the week. Use that time spent watching Stranger Things to peel and portion out carrots for a quick grab and go option.

4. Focus on sleep Numerous studies have shown the relationship between inadequate sleep and weight gain. Enlist good sleep habits before you even approach the bed; put that phone away, and give yourself time to wind down, try meditating or performing some light yoga stretches to bring on visions of sugar plums.

5. Include some fat and protein at every meal Fat and protein keep us feeling full for longer by delaying stomach emptying. Think of adding plant-based sources of protein to your meals like chickpeas, lentils, or tofu. These will fuel you for that big day of shopping, without weighing you down. Also add some fibre to your meal (think veggies) to keep your blood sugar stable and avoid turning into the Grinch.

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