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Our Programs of Care


Outpatient Rehabilitation

An Outpatient Rehabilitation Program is an individualized, coordinated, outcomes-focused program that promotes early intervention and optimizes activities and participation. The goals and outcomes of each individual and their physical capabilities and limitations, such as injuries, will determine the intensity and duration of the outpatient rehabilitation program.

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Chronic Pain

A Chronic Pain Program provides outcomes-focused, coordinated, goal-oriented interdisciplinary team services. The program can benefit persons who have impairments associated with pain that impact their activity and participation. Evidence shows that individuals with chronic pain conditions who participated in interdisciplinary programs ...

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Trauma and Fractures

Focus on returning the person’s served to their normal activities of daily life. Our multi-disciplinary team of Health Care Providers has extensive experience with person’s served who have sustained traumatic injuries or fractures. This team of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, and Registered Massage Therapists will address limitations ...

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Brain Injury Rehabilitation

A specialized, interdisciplinary, coordinated, and outcomes focused program designed for individuals with an acquired brain injury, including strokes. The program addresses the unique medical, physical, cognitive, psychosocial, behavioral, vocational, educational, and recreational needs of people with acquired brain injury. The program ...

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Spinal Cord Rehabilitation

The Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Program addresses the physical, psychological, and environmental needs of individuals with spinal cord injuries. This is achieved by helping to restore an individual's physical functions and/or modifying their physical and social environment. Our Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Program is tailored ...

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Work Hardening

A Work Hardening Program is individualized, focused on return to work, and designed to minimize risk to and optimize the work capability of the person served. The services provided are integrative in nature, with the capability of addressing the work, health, and rehabilitation needs of the person served. Such a program provides ...

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Weight Loss

Beyond Weight Loss is a multidisciplinary and comprehensive program designed for achieving a healthy body and mind through sustainable changes in your lifestyle. It is created and supervised by certified doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, kinesiologists, personal trainers, RMTs. The team of multidisciplinary professionals will ...

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Corporate Wellness

The costs of health care have been rising at a constant pace for several years. A substantial amount of money spent in the health care system treats expensive illnesses. In an effort to optimize employee health, a Corporate Wellness Program can reduce avoidable health care utilization and enhance work performance. Benefits of corporate ...

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