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Health Bound Health Network is Ontario's fastest growing multidisciplinary health network that meets the highest standards of quality of care established by CARF International. Combining the resources of its rapidly growing number of members and partners - Health Bound offers an unprecedented wide variety of services, province-wide geographical outreach, rapid response time, and technologically advanced equipment.

Our mission

Health Bound's services are for everyone - individuals, community and charitable organizations, corporate and government entities, hospitals, physicians. Whether you are a person who has strained a muscle in a pick-up game; or if you are a medical doctor looking for the most reliable institution to take over the rehabilitation of your catastrophically impaired patient; or if you are representative of a hospital looking for an organization that would take care of their patients' health and administrative needs after hospital discharge - Health Bound is for you!

10 years of experience

In addition, Health Bound Health Network provides case management services for patients with serious injuries requiring post hospital discharge rehabilitation services, as well as help with the management of their cases. We also offer numerous corporate wellness programs designed for corporate clients who are looking for ways to cut their health costs and improve productivity and morale of their employees.

Health Bound clinics have been serving local communities not only within confines of the medical facilities, but also in numerous corporate, charitable, community programs and events, extending our helping hand to those in need. We have organized fundraising and social events in collaboration with the Canadian Red Cross, The United Way, Moneris, Toronto Police Athletic Association etc.

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