Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation

Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation is a term used to describe a course of treatment the focus of which is on maximizing functional abilities to promote physical and mental health. It can concentrate on the physical or cognitive aspects of recovery from an illness, disease, condition or injury. It typically employs the use of a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals to promote overall health. Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation is often a course of action with accidents or injuries. It can be a helpful addition to the management of chronic pain issues where mobility and ability are limited.

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Independent Medical Evaluations

Health Bound provides independent medical evaluations for people injured in motor vehicle accidents or work related injuries, to ensure an independent and objective opinion on their health is completed and presented to the requested party in order to obtain income replacement, medication coverage, rehabilitation classes, etc. We will contact you within 48 hours to notify you of an appointment time, and a completed report within 10 days of the assessment.

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Case Management

Case management has proven to be an invaluable tool in helping health care professionals and patients alike concentrate on health care issues while managing all administrative issues and coordinating all parties involved. The process of case management involves the person served, the family, interdisciplinary health care team, insurance companies and legal representatives. It ensures high quality of care, as well as the continuity and assurance of proper and timely medical interventions.

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Home Healthcare

Home Healthcare is a wide range of health care services provided in a person’s home upon being discharged from a hospital or health care facility. Our Home Healthcare team can assist with In-Home Therapy, Home Medical Equipment, Home or Vehicle Modification, Personal Care, Companion Services and Nursing care. We also extend our services to various residential settings, schools, workplaces and community settings.

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