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Health Bound Health Network is Ontario's fastest growing multidisciplinary health network that meets the highest standards of quality of care established by CARF International. Combining the resources of its rapidly growing number of members and partners - Health Bound offers an unprecedented wide variety of services, province-wide geographical outreach, rapid response time, and technologically advanced equipment.
Health Bound's services are for everyone - individuals, community and charitable organizations, corporate and government entities, hospitals, physicians. Whether you are a person who has strained a muscle in a pick-up game; or if you are a medical doctor looking for the most reliable institution to take over the rehabilitation of your catastrophically impaired patient; or if you are representative of a hospital looking for an organization that would take care of the patient's health and administrative needs after hospital discharge - Health Bound is for you!

"A positive therapeutic milieu is present in the program. Services are provided by the dedicated and passionate team of rehabilitation professionals and supported by the strong involvement and advocacy of the leadership. An excellent and well-deserved reputation for the provision of quality rehabilitation service is enjoyed by organization; this is reflected in the tributes paid to the organization by the person served. Effective communication between staff members and the various levels of leadership facilitates a well-informed and motivated staff."

- CARF International 2012 Survey Report

Our Programs of Care


Outpatient Rehabilitation

An Outpatient Rehabilitation Program is an individualized, coordinated, outcomes-focused program that promotes early intervention and optimizes the activities and participation of the person’s served. The goals and outcomes of each individual may require a multidisciplinary approach to achieve the desired result for the individual.

Trauma and Fractures

Focus on returning the person’s served to their normal activities of daily life. Our multi-disciplinary team of Health Care Providers has extensive experience with person’s served who have sustained traumatic injuries or fractures. This team of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, and Registered Massage Therapists will address ...

Brain Injury Rehabilitation

A specialized, interdisciplinary, coordinated, and outcomes focused program designed for individuals with an acquired brain injury, including strokes. The program addresses the unique medical, physical, cognitive, psychosocial, behavioral, vocational, educational, and recreational needs of people with acquired brain injury. The ...

Spinal Cord Rehabilitation

The Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Program addresses the physical, psychological, and environmental needs of person’s served with spinal cord injuries. This is achieved by helping to restore the person’s served physical functions and/or modifying their physical and social environment. Our Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Program is tailored ...







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